Quality Control

Quality control unit from FERDOS KARAN OMID Co., (Ilia Steel) as an independent unit under the direct supervision of the directing manager is in charge of controlling and inspecting the products of the organization in the different phases of manufacturing.

This unit is in charge of the testing of performance and durability of products by a backing of scientific and well-experienced cadre and also applying the advanced equipment of calibration required.

Among the duties of this unit, applying the national standard and codifying the plant standards in order to accomplish the suitable inspections into the whole phases of forming the product and also the inspection and controlling the process of suppliers according to the plans of quality qualified are from the most significance.

Participation of the quality control unit in the phases of designing and developing the products and the presence in the technical committee of products all indicate the significance of quality control unit in the organization and regarding the presentation of flawless products to worshipful customers.

It is eminent to say that other achievements of settling the quality unit in the organization are such as decreasing the returned index of products in the PPM standard, flourishing the sale, and the customer’s satisfaction.

ILIASTEEL Quality Control laboratory