After-sales service


Appreciating your selection, it gives us so pleased to accompany you during the use of Ilia Steel products. The after-sales service has settled in the company along with the policy of organization indicating the customer’s satisfaction as a sponsor of the worshipful agency. It has taken step towards the improvement of interaction between the company and the facilitation of servicing involved with the complaints Read More

About iliasteel


Since 2006, FERDOS KARAN OMID Co., (Ilia Steel) made a start to establish the plant to manufacture Sink, Built-In Stove, Oven, Hood, in the field of home appliances and also the imports associated with Stainless Steel Coils during the recent years with God’s favor, warden’s efficient struggle and managed to launch the well-equipped plant to manufacture Sink, Built-In Stove, Oven, Hood by making use of a backing of experience in many years and also the advanced technical knowledge in the industrial town of PARAND. FERDOS KARAN OMID Co., Read more


Designing the products creatively and submitting distinct services.

The Aim

We are to be a pioneer by the development-oriented approach in designing the products creatively and corresponded with the market requirement, the up to date technology based on the global standards that we could realize the customers & beneficiaries interests by covering the regional/trans-regional markets in the family of Ilia steel.


Appreciating your selection, accompanying with you during the use of Ilia Steel products.